Due-Diligence Service

Considering purchase of a website from another seller? Ask us to do the due-diligence for you.

While we develop and sell websites all the time, our development skills have equally well-placed us to investigate another website. With our in-depth knowledge of both technical and commercial aspects of an online business, we can locate hidden weakness that a prospective seller may never want you to know.

With our assistance you will ask questions and seek information before you buy, not discover surprises later on. For a minimum fee of $250 (varies depending on the size and estimated value of a website), we will work with you in conducting the due-diligence process to lay bare all the facts and figures of a prospective purchase.

For the fee we will:

      Check the site’s revenue model and give our opinion on its commercial potential
      Evaluate how robust and bug free is the software that runs the site
      Make a qualitative appraisal of the domain name on which the site is built
      Advise you in asking relevant questions to the seller
      Generally assist you in making an informed decision as to the purchase price

Contact us with the domain name of a website you are considering to buy, along with its asking price. We will do some quick research and quote you a final price for our service.

The Small Print:

While we will go through the due-diligence process as if we ourselves are going to commit funds, the decision to buy, and the risks associated with it, will be solely yours. The service fee paid will be non-refundable, irrespective of your decision to buy the site or not.