: Anonymous Web Surfing

Price: $1950 · Website URL: – Anonymous Web Surfing

Never has been the issue of privacy become so critical. With prying eyes all over the web, it has become absolutely important for each and every web surfer to guard and protect his/her privacy and personal information against unauthorized monitoring.

Anonymous Web Surfing Service

It works like a shield against data spies and unauthorized tracking of a web surfer’s Internet activity. In a common environment, people can retrieve detailed information about anyone’s activities on the web and even get personal data one never wants anyone to know about.

Here, while browsing the web or downloading files, data will be transferred through our servers instead of calling it directly from the target system. This prevents unauthorized people and organizations from gathering one’s personal information. Instead, the only thing they see is the servers IP address which doesn’t say a thing about those who surf via this site.

It works with all popular website technologies such as Java, Plug-ins and SSL. It supports access with http and https (browsers) as well as ftp (upload/download files). Additional features include: removing banner ads, disabling scripts, blocking cookies and the ability to run on SSL for highest security level.

The Money You Can Make

The site makes money by offering the service on a quarterly subscription basis. The site presently is set to charge $9.95 every three months to those who wish avail of the sites anonymous web surfing service. This amount can be changed anytime you wish – you can increase it, you can reduce it, you can offer an annual or a monthly service – all upto you.

See this simple calculation:

You have 10 subscriptions: You make 10 x $9.95 x 4 quarters = $398 per year
You have 50 subscriptions: You make 50 x $9.95 x 4 quarters = $1,990 per year
You have 100 subscriptions: You make 100 x $9.95 x 4 quarters = $3,980 per year
You have 500 subscriptions: You make 500 x $9.95 x 4 quarters = $19,900 per year
You have 1000 subscriptions: You make 1000 x $9.95 x 4 quarters = $39,800 per year

You would know how many million web surfers are out there! Additionally, you can serve AdSense or YPN ads on each and every surfed page to generate additional revenue.

Of course, there would be many subscriptions which may not be renewed. But you have the basis of calculation and now can do your own permutation and combination – optimistic, pessimistic, realistic.

The site is set-up to accept subscription payment both via as well as Those who subscribe are automatically charged for the next subscription on expiry of the current period.

Website Admin Functions

Managing users is totally web based. Through your browser you can: Add and Delete Users

Additional customization can be done via the script. You can set the following parameters:

- The manner in which cookies are blocked – all cookies, image only cookies, cookies from selected servers, or allow cookies from selected servers only
- The manner in which scripts are blocked – all scripts Java, VB etc, scripts from selected servers, or allow scripts from selected servers only, add to mime type list
- The manner in which banners are blocked – all banners, replace blocked banners with transparent gif, add entries to or remove entries from banned banner server list and banned image patterns
- Special settings – show or prevent from showing FTP welcome message, max request size, use post on start, faster html with less privacy
- Build your own proxy network – to distribute bandwidth if the site is heavily used
- Text only browsing – blocks all images and binaries

Purchasing an SSL Certificate, and to install it a dedicated IP number, will be required to run the site in secure mode.

Fantastic Domain Name

It may be possible to built another similar site but a premium domain name like may not be available easily. Short, highly brandable and meaningful – would be worth in high 4-figures for the name alone. – just like FireFox!