Jackass.biz : Jackass Business

Price: $5,000 · Website URL: http://www.jackass.biz

Built entirely using open-source codes, Jackass.biz is a flea market, a classifieds site for buying and selling of virtually anything. Anyone can register and place ads free of cost (or paid for, if you so wish). Anyone interested in buying listed items can contact the seller directly.

Currently free for promotional purposes, it is intended to charge for listings later on. Users can be expected to pay, say $10, for a 90-day listing. Payment system is already built-in to charge through PayPal and just needs to be activated from the Dashboard. 100 listings per month will bring in $1000, 250 listings per month will bring in $2500, 500 listings per month will bring in $5000, so on and so forth.

Ads are listed for 90 days (set by Admin) and auto-delete or go to preview mode on expiry. One can list again if necessary. There is no limitation on the number of ads one can publish.

The site’s revenue model is based on charging for listings and sponsored listings. The real value lies in the domain name Jackass.biz registered in the 2001 during the land rush period. Single dictionary word with a lot of sense of humor, will be worth in high 5-figures for the name alone.