Reviews and Ratings Website

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Reviews and Ratings are an important and influential source of information for buying decisions. Now you can have your own site and offer reviews and ratings on goods or services that are your forte and which you have expertise and excel in.

Built entirely from open-source code, the website is designed to be used for reviewing and rating almost any kind of product or service. Be it casinos, web hosting, travel, movies, books, cameras, computers, software, fashion, cosmetics, other websites, etc. etc. Links in the review can be integrated with affiliate codes to generate commission or one can invite publication of paid-by-owner reviews. AdSense is always available as a supplementary source of revenue.

Site visitors can make comments and rate the reviewed product or service greatly adding to the content. Ratings can be in the form of stars, numbers, blocks, up/down, plus/minus, etc with the range set, e.g. 1 to 5, in the admin panel. Ratings are logged both by Cookie and IP number to prevent from misuse and duplicate rating by the same person.

The Demo Site shows a set-up for reviewing and rating casinos and gambling sites. Other sites can have their own design matching the subject matter of what one wishes to review and rate.

We offer about 100 different templates to choose from and free installation on client’s server including minor changes to the site. Domain Registration and Hosting service is available too.

NB: Domain name not included in sale.