RxForte.com : Health Care & Well Being Products

Price: $2500 · Website URL: http://www.rxforte.com

RxForte.com presently sells some 100,000 health care and well being products. Implemented using affiliate datafeeds, each and every product is linked via the site’s affiliate code. Any product sold will generate commission for the site. All the products are from established and reputed companies who are leaders in their field. The site’s revenue potential is virtually limitless. And you can add as many more datafeeds as you or your server can handle. Datafeed from virtually any merchant can be integrated. AdSense can be a secondary source of revenue.

The site can also operate in the style of malls wherein several vendors can sell their goods under a single roof. In addition to using affiliate datafeeds, you can invite merchants or vendors to upload their products via datafeeds (most convenient when a merchant manages thousands of products) and sell on the site. You can charge a subscription fee from each merchant.

Technology Behind the Site

Built based on PHP/MySQL, it uses a custom script to import the data into MySQL and display in various formats. One can search for products based on keywords, or browse by merchant, category or brand.

Displayed list of goods can be formatted further by relevancy, ratings or price – higher or lower price first. Whenever there are two similar products from different merchants, price comparison is automatically shown. Users can leave comments and rate products which is shown on the site after Admin approval.

All URLs are “statically” generated for search engines. Each merchant, each category, each brand, and each product has its own “static” URL. Featured products can be displayed on the front page. New datafeeds can be set-up to be downloaded automatically in most cases, as frequently as you wish – daily, weekly, monthly. These can be further imported into the site’s database automatically. Once set-up, all updates can, in most cases, take place without human intervention. Of course, where automation may not be possible, the job can always be done manually – a simple procedure and anyone familiar with using a web browser will be able to handle it.

Site’s Overhead Expenses

While you will decide on the marketing budget to promote the site, there are minimal overheads in running it – all you pay is for hosting and renewal of the domain name. SSH facility in hosting is recommended for importing large datafeeds manually when required.

RxForte.com – Domain Name

Rx, of course, is a medical symbol; forte denotes fortified. A superbly brandable, short and easy to remember name for selling health care products, will be worth in high 4-figures for the name alone.