Authority Domain : Index of Authority Domains

Price: $4500 · Website URL: is a spider based search engine and indexes and categorizes authority domains and websites operating under such domains. It operates in combination as a spider based search engine as well as a category based directory. It charges $35 one-time review fee for listings and has already started making money.

The site runs on a PHP script and a MySQL database. A comprehensive Site Admin is built into the script to manage indexing, re-indexing, categories and listings.

Stats are logged for searches. Admin has the option to set the spider to index anything between 10 to 1000 pages per site, or set it to zero for no-limit indexing. It can be set whether the spider can leave the domain to follow external links or stay within the domain. If allowed to leave, it can literally index the entire world wide web. Additionally, it can be specified what the URL should include or not include in order to be indexed. Domains can be banned for bad behavior.

Two separate search boxes are provided, the first one limiting searches to directory listings only and the second one searches for all the indexed pages. – that’s what this site is all about. To avoid all the clutter that search results produce, you can decide to list and limit results from authority domains only giving users an extremely satisfying search experience. The domain name is simple, easy to remember and conveys it meaning and purpose in an unambiguous manner. The domain would be worth in higher five-figures for the name alone.

Over time the database will be a huge one. With simultaneous queries coming in from a large number of users, the load on the hardware is going to be substantial. Such sites are best run on a dedicated server.