: Book Marketplace

Price: $2500 · Website URL: operates as a marketplace for buying and selling books – printed books, ebooks, audio books, magazines. It currently has some half-a-million books listed. Price comparison engine is already built-in. Whenever a book is available from more than one seller, price comparison is automatically shown.

While buyers can browse or search and buy books, it permits authors or publishers to upload and list their own books for sale on the site. Currently listed books are through affiliate datafeeds and, while the site gets popular so as to get direct listings, will generate revenue for the owner in the meanwhile. Booksellers usually carry inventories of thousands of titles and would prefer automated upload of their entire inventory. The site can handle datafeeds almost completely automated in any format – xml, csv, text – after the initial set-up which takes a few minutes.

You may decide to charge any amount for direct listings. Say, you decide to charge just a $1.00 annually for a book. If you have 10,000 books (is minuscule) listed, you will make $10,000 every year; 25,000 books (no figure at all), will bring in $25,000; 50,000 books (still a small figure), $50,000; so and so forth. Depending on the exigencies of the market, you can increase or decrease the fee as needed.

Site visitors can make review and rate books greatly adding to the content – reviews published after Site Admin’s approval.

The site has a superb revenue model not requiring any stocking and shipping of books physically. With almost zero overheads, all you pay is for hosting and renewal of the domain names. and its singular version,, both domains have been registered to protect the brand name.