Fluttering.com : Concert, Theater, Sports Tickets

Price: $23000 · Website URL: http://www.fluttering.com

Fluttering.com (a domain name that is a dictionary word — highly valuable) sells tickets for thousands of concert, theater and sporting events nationwide. Implemented using affiliate datafeeds, each and every event is linked via the site’s affiliate code. Any ticket sold will generate commission for the site. AdSense can be a secondary source of revenue.

Built based on PHP/MySQL, it uses a custom script to import the data into MySQL and display in various formats. One can search for products based on keywords, or browse by category. Displayed list of events can be formatted further by relevancy, ratings or price – higher or lower price first.

All URLs are “statically” generated for search engines. Each category and event has its own “static” URL. Featured events can be displayed on the front page. The site can be managed from a browser based Admin Panel.

While you will decide on the marketing budget to promote the site, there are minimal overheads in running it – all you pay is for hosting and renewal of the domain name.

Fluttering denotes excitement. The idea of entertainment certainly makes one flutter – the heart flutters, the body flutters, the mind flutters with expectation and excitement. A short, single, and easy to remember dictionary word – highly brandable for a service like this – the domain is worth in five-figures for the name alone. It may be possible to build another similar site; a domain name like Fluttering.com may not be available easily.