: Bidding Web Directory

Price: $2500 · Website URL: is primarily a directory of authority sites, search engines, web directories, web portals and search engine marketing resources. It now lists other general websites as well. It has earned over $1700 so far. It operates as a bidding directory wherein site owners pay to list and bid for ranking. One can increase the bid to take the top-most rank to be the link leader site-wide.

Webmasters wishing to list their sites in the directory create listings and make payment, minimum current set at $10.00. The highest paying site is shown as the Link Leader and its link is shown site-wide at the top.

If another webmaster makes a high bid, his site is ranked up automatically. The Top 10 Links are shown on the first page, others in their respective categories. Webmasters are free to add to their existing bids anytime to get higher rankings. Payment is handled through PayPal IPN and everything works automatically. There is a comprehensive Site Admin to handle things manually if needed.

Promoting one’s website on the Internet is probably is the most critical factor in the success (or failure) of one’s site. Getting listed in as many directories and search engines as possible is the most essential step one needs to take to market his/her website on the Internet. The simplest and fastest way to get listed is to pay your way through. Serious webmasters rarely hesitate in doing so.

Built based on PHP/MySQL, all URLs are “statically” generated for search engines. Site design and script pages are separately created. To change the design, it is not necessary to disturb the script part. Once set-up, all listings, bids and ranking updates take place without human intervention. Of course, the powerful administration control panel is always there to handle things manually if required. Anyone familiar with using a web browser will be able to handle it.